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    Campfires and Inspiration | Flexure
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    Are you finding it as difficult as I am to find motivation or focus? Most of us are working from home amid a flurry of distraction. There is a ton of discouraging and anxiety causing information fed to us in the 24 X 7 news cycle. We are all trying to come to terms with the heavy uncertainty that hangs in the air. All of this can be amazingly distracting. And, the anxiety can cause confusion, depression and lack of energy or motivation.
    I have to keep reminding myself to give myself a break. This is a first. This is big. This has sweeping ramifications.
    So, give yourself a break!
    So you are a little distracted… Give yourself a break.
    So you are having trouble focusing… Give yourself a break.
    So you don’t have all the answers… GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!
    And, we need to be re-inspired and find our motivation. One of the best ways we can help our world right now is to be strong, be brave and be an inspirational leader for the people who need us. Our families, our team members, our employees and our communities.
    The question is…how do we do that? How do we find inspiration and motivation amid chaos, upheaval and heaviness?

    A Campfire With Friends

    I recently joined a good friend for a campfire. We did the usual things around a campfire. We tended the fire. We stared at the flames. We talked, laughed, lamented.
    But, campfires are magical! Truly magical.
    A campfire allows you time to get out, chew on and work through what’s bothering you. A campfire guides your conversation from irrational concerns you can’t control to practical steps you can take to inspiration and excitement again. A campfire reminds you that there is still good to be done. A campfire connects you with your people and grounds your feet so that you can once again have a solid base from which to dream.
    If there is ever a time when the world and your communities need your focus and your inspiration, it is now.
    So, go, have a campfire with friends. Get out what’s bothering you. Get re-inspired!
    If you would like Flexure to be part of your campfire ring, let us know and we will bring the smores.
    Sincerely – Travis and the Flexure Team